What is Religious Science?

Also referred to as pantheism, religious science generates from the notion; God’s presence is all over, and that all things are in God. This aspect enhances the ability to stay connected and unified to the omnipresent maker. Every religious literature, including the bible, informs about the standards of spiritual living. However, the writings still fail to indicate how people can discover the mysteries of God. This aspect presents divine nature as infinite, and that we can only understand better, as we allow it to flow in us.

The View of Salvation

Based on religious science, an individual attains salvation by uprooting every evil deed in their lives through philosophical or scientific theories. Also, once a person believes that they are a part of God, they receive salvation. This scientific religion refutes Christ’s divine being. It upholds a redemption that bases on works.

The view holds that; those who fail to make the personal decisions to unify their oneness with God, will not obtain spiritual gains. Instead, they will remain hidden in different levels of spiritual darkness based on individual characters. Sure salvation generates from true enlightenment and full unity with the invisible being.

In-Depth Belief

Religious science states that when are unified with God, our mindsets become like His. The acts of God’s power within us then becomes apparent.

The concept informs that the key to finding out God’s mysterious ways is within an individual. It is a system that attempts to bring together other faiths; ascertaining that they all have common godly truth. Ernest Holmes, the founder of this perception, states that; we have one faith, one religion, and one truth at the hearts of every religion, whether Jewish or Christian, Islam, or Hindu.

The above belief causes uncertainty when examining the particulars of what each religion emphasizes. Comparative religion, as revealed by religious science, is not accurate. Christians, for instance, proclaim Jesus Christ as God. The same belief is found to be blasphemy by either Muslims or Jews. Also, the distant, indeterminate, and immoral eternal spirit (Brahman) of the Hindu varies totally from the personal, definite, and holy God of the Christians. Moreover, the beliefs held by the Buddhists contradicts what each of the other religions; Christians, Hindus, and Islam beliefs.

How Religious Science Works

Religious scientists believe that since they can fuse their minds fully to the divine mind, they can as well control life and the entire universe. They suppose that they can function like God and attain whatever they wish. This concept expresses how powerful the human mind is. Such factors include:

  • Every personal condition links to an existing belief. Whenever you alter that belief, you also change your condition

Whenever you believe in becoming sick, you sure will be. Also, when you believe in wellness, you attain it.

  • Your outer personal experience generates from your inner mental state. Whenever your mind connects to a particular situation, you activate a mental law of correspondence. This law brings about the realistic experience that corresponds to your inner consciousness regarding yourself. For example, if you say that you feel good, the law brings out something relating to the right feeling. If you talk about feeling bad or anxious, the law acts the same.

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